Collezione: Faldorn Goblins

Faldorn Goblins
The treacherous Goblins are a race of vicious creatures with long noses and arms, but short, ungainly, and hunchbacked, cousins of the taller hobgoblins and greatgoblins.

The Goblins of the Faldorn Forests prey on caravans moving goods between Skutagaard and Rotvar, ambushing in large hordes with spears, bows and swords, often accompanied by monstrous giant spiders. Without the iron fist of a Chieftain, a horde of Goblins is prone to snapping at each other.

Spider Riders What really sets the Goblins of Faldorn apart from the rest is their audacity, or folly, in training the mischievous giant spiders of their forest. These leathery armored hairy spiders are deadly predators capable of communicating with each other, suggesting that they are a species steeped in demon blood in ancient times, not natural fauna of this world.

One must tread carefully in the dark woods of Falrdon: once one has entered the web of a giant spider, there is nothing that can be done to get free.

Some Faldorn Goblins are capable of riding these beasts into war, though more often than not the spider finishes eating the Goblin riding it moments later.

Grishak Grimcrow
“I am the bird of prey that preys from above, the dirk in the dark, the hole in the heart!" - Grishak Grimcrow, Goblin Assassin.

While most Goblins fight in large groups, Grishak Grimcrow, also known as "the mad flying Goblin", prefers to stalk his prey alone, using the advantage of shadows and height.

Grishak is said to have built his mechanical wings and mask from the feathers and bones of the giant ravens that live near the Rodburg citadel, evidence of Goblin wit and ingenuity. He is also a fanatic of the god Grimbog, who assiduously serves by shedding blood in his honor.

Malgob Firegut
"Move those paws before I cut them off, you filthy cutthroats! That forest won't cut down by itself!"- Malgob Firegut – Goblin Chieftain.

Goblins, as we know, hardly have enough resources to fill their stomachs, and hunger makes them terribly vicious and aggressive, a perfect condition to be sent to raid villages or caravans. However, a Goblin that gorges itself on food and drink, which is very rare, is capable of growing enormously, bloating to look like a clumsy orc.

If not controlled by Hobgoblins or Greatgoblins, a horde of Goblins is controlled by the largest of them, who takes the role of Chieftain. Malgob Firegut, also known as Malgob Grog Lover, is one of the biggest Chieftains ever seen on Rotvar's face, and it must be said, it's not easy to maintain this position without other Goblins trying to stab you in your sleep, which proves him very cunning.

Evil and voracious in equal measure, he is clearing south Faldorn Woods to feed his war machine, arming a huge horde to march on the cities of men.

Giant Swamp Troll
Captured by sacrificing huge numbers of Goblins in the swamps at the heart of Faldorn, the swamp giant troll is used as a siege beast by Chieftain Malgob, who tortured it for months to gain control.

Spending most of its time submerged in the putrid marshy waters of Faldorn, and breathing with its huge lumpy nose above the water, this colossus with long greasy hair is covered in barnacles and algae from the tip of the nose to the tail, a mass of muscles with a nauseating smell capable of regenerating most wounds in a few moments. Unlike the more civilized Trolls who lives in family and societies, this brute can only grunt and roar like most Giant Trolls, proving that the bigger Trolls are more savage and witless. In fact, to keep from going insane and destroying the camps, this huge Troll eats dozens of Goblins and prisoners every day.

Gbiza - Goblin Pinup
Generally, female Goblins are virtually indistinguishable from the male in the eyes of Men, Dwarves and Alfar. The reason has not been discovered, but only one female for every hundreds Goblins is able to conceive and when one is born, she is destined to a great fate. Worshiped as a fertility goddess or queen, and considered direct Daughters of Grimbog, they are distinguishable by their feminine and gracious figure, attractive even to the eyes of other races.

Unlike some Daughters of Grimbog exploit their heritage to rule over Goblins and be treated like minor deities, Gbiza choose the path of the assassin, demonstrating her devotion to the Goblin god Grimbog by assassinating the enemies of her tribe.

Goblin Watchtower
The woods of Faldorn are dotted with small Goblin towers, providing the archers of this treacherous race with a remarkable advantage to spot their prey, and to harass them with volleys of rusty arrows.

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